Since my husband, son, daughter and grandson had all been treated at Michigan Therapy Institute with great results, it was only natural for me to go there also. The treatment I have received has been awesome! Both knees actually bend over 10° further than the doctor was hoping for. I couldn't possibly be more pleased.


I think the staff are very nice, friendly and accommodating to my needs.
Great Place! :-)


From walking in the door the first day not being able to move my shoulder or arm at all to having full range of motion in approximately 3 months. I was so impressed with the staff and facilities. I am now in the progress of therapy on my right shoulder for the same thing.


I was in a bicycle accident and I had problems with my back and neck and my doctor prescribed me therapy. I was going for 3 times a week and Michigan Therapy Institute helped me to get my mobility back, especially the pool therapy with Krystal's help and Jinals.


This facility has extremely friendly people. They sincerely care about their patients' well being and comfort. I've been here after a back and knee surgery. Each time I received a personal evaluation conducted with the utmost professionalism.


After two months of physical therapy in late 2011 and early 2012, I transitioned into the MTI fitness program. I was already accustomed to coming three times a week, and it was easy to keep the routine going. The fitness program helped me maintain the benefits I had gained with physical therapy, and has taken me towards my goal of losing weight and becoming physically fit.


I needed intense therapy for my feet. I had reconstructive surgery on my feet to correct my foot drop. Shalin is my therapist and he is so awesome. I also came back for back therapy. I even joined the Fit Program. Krystal and Michelle are the best and most professional and I love them!


The staff rocks...! Attentive, increasing exercises as you can handle it or as they see you are needing more, but all while keeping you safe and within means. Clean, professional and efficient. They even make rehab a little fun, if that was ever possible!